Deer Hides

We want your
deer hides!

[IMAGE]Up to $15 in trade value towards 5 colors of our gloves and mittens products.  NO Capes, just ordinary deer hides (badly damaged, smalls, fawns, caped out, rotten and Mule Deer are worth less in value).

We also buy Moose, Elk and Beef Hides.

Want your
Deer Hide Tanned?

We'll trade you on the spot for a comparable tanned and
 dyed deer skin (hair off) for
$17.50 to $25.00
and your rawhide.

It's like getting your
hide tanned instantly!

Leather also for sale.
Our Products

Insulated Deer Gloves
Insulated Deer Mitts
Snowmobile Gloves
Moc Socks
Light Lined Deer Skin Gloves
Warm Hats
Fur Hats
Camo, Musher, Mt. Man, Yukon Jack
100% Woll Socks
Hunting & Fishing Knives
Leather Work Glove
Cloth Work Gloves
3M Thinsulate Hunting Gloves
Dress Gloves
Driving Gloves

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